10 Optimal Benefits of Russian Torsion Exercise for Waist!

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The exercise of Russian torsion may be familiar to some people who often play sports that help relieve muscle tension. Some even combine it with some exercise tools such as the bar or ball. Russian torsion is actually an exercise for abdominal muscles. It works by twisting the abdomen several times. It is believed that exercise will help the relaxation of the abdomen before performing any type of sport. Therefore, before starting any activity, the turn can be a good alternative to perform. In addition, the way to perform this turn is also simple and not difficult. For more details, see the following explanations.

 How to Do the Exercise and Posture?

There are several specific ways to perform this exercise. People who often do this turn may be familiar with the step. But those who consider beginners, it is better to follow the instructions below for the best way to perform this exercise:


This step needs to prepare a towel or other cloth on the floor as an exercise mat. Make sure the fabric is stable and does not move easily. Then do the first pose. Put your body on the cloth and bend your knees.


Start raising your body to an angle of 45 degrees from the ground. Reach both arms together and start pulling your belly button forward. This is the first initial activity and make sure the body is straight, mainly the area of ​​the spine.


After finishing with the first pose, then start making the turn. Do this until the arms are parallel to the ground. Turn both sides, repeat left and right. A left turn and a right turn will measure as a repetition. Do several repetitions of the turn and do not forget to breathe deeply inbetween.

10 Benefits of Russian Torsion Exercise to Shape the Waist:

Of course, like the other exercise, this turn also brings several benefits. Therefore, if you want to know in detail the benefits of the Russian turn exercise, see the following points.

1. Improve Metabolism:

“A routine exercise will lead the body to improve the metabolism system”.

It will help transform food into energy that is needed to perform the exercise. Therefore, it will help to set the metabolic rate. This is the same mechanism as the health benefits of arugula that change energy too.

2. Detoxification:

Some people believe that doing this exercise will help the detoxification process. In addition, it will help eliminate the toxin through product sweat. Therefore, it will also continue to balance hormones and will lead to better well-being.

3. Muscle Strength:

Frequent Russian torsion exercise will also help strengthen the muscle. It will optimize the coordination between all the muscles of the body. Therefore, it will be good to increase muscle strength and help with more flexibility. These are the same health benefits of herring that also works to strengthen the muscle.

4. Weight Control:

Other benefits of Russian torsion exercise also to help with the weight control system. Mainly for those who feel overweight. Frequent exercise will help reduce weight and prevent further weight gain. Therefore, it is another good way to control weight properly.

5. Fat Burn:

When the metabolism system increases, the body will need more food to burn and become energy. When food finishes burning, then body fat is the next thing that burns. Therefore, this exercise is also a good way to help fix fat burning. This is also the same way as the benefits of cycling exercise for weight loss that will lead to the burning of subject fat as well.

6. Control Blood Pressure:

Making the twist, it is really driving blood pressure to be well managed. Therefore, it can help prevent the increase in blood pressure. In addition, it is good for people with hypertension symptoms to lower the pressure and better control the symptoms of this condition.

7. Avoid Cardiovascular Problems:

Exercising also helps balance the level of cholesterol within the body. It is important to better control the cardiovascular system and avoid the presence of cod in the blood. Therefore, it will help improve blood circulation. In the same way as the benefits of running for cardiovascular health that also help avoid more cardiovascular problems.

8. Healthy Heart:

Through a healthy cardiovascular system, it will also help improve the vessels of the heart. Therefore, you can avoid any chance of getting the heart attack syndrome. In addition, it will maintain a healthier heart by optimizing blood circulation in the vessels of the heart.

9. Body Shape:

As one of the benefits of burning more fat, it is to help shape the body parts. Either arm. The leg and especially the abs. By the time the abdominal muscle weight is increasing, then body fat will be reduced. This means that the body will result in a better body shape. These are the same benefits of muay thai for the health of women who also work to shape the body.

10. Improve Balance:

Another good thing about this activity is to help improve the body’s balance. Through frequent training to twist the body, the balance between the entire body systems will be optimized and increased. Therefore, it is also a good way to avoid disease and perform a healthier body balance.

Precautions and Recommendations of Russian Torsion:

  • Doing this exercise can cause injuries if not done correctly. Therefore, it is suggested to make the following recommendations before beginning this exercise pose.
  • Ask your doctor first if you are healthy enough to exercise. Since people with lower back problems suggested not doing this type of exercise. Otherwise, it can make your condition worse.
  • Do not continue the activity if you feel something bad, such as back pain or other body muscle.
  • These are all the benefits of Russian torsion exercise that will help improve well-being and improve muscle as well. However, several precautions should be taken when starting this activity.
  • If you have several medical cases that do not allow you to perform this exercise, it is better to stay away from this turn and look for another safer form of exercise.


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