6 small changes in your diet that will make you get great results

Starting a diet can produce some fear. Understandably, changing your eating habits involves forgetting those chips you liked so much to eat in front of the TV while watching your favorite series.

Although you must give up these foods, the effects produced by a balanced diet in your body are worth much more than those pleasures. Apart from feeling good physically, you will see life in a different way and you will feel more eager to overcome all obstacles.

At times it may seem like a complicated mission, but if you think that you are not following the guidelines correctly or that you are not achieving your goals, we recommend you write down these 6 small changes in your diet that will help you obtain better results.

6 small changes in your diet to improve your results

1.Eat lean meats

One of the first mistakes we make during the first weeks of a diet is to reduce the consumption of meats. If you think you should completely veto this ingredient of your meals, look no further, because here you have the best alternative.

The lean meats are made almost entirely of muscle fiber. The best thing about consuming them is that you can obtain high amounts of proteins with a low proportion of saturated fats.

These are some lean meats that you can include in your diet:

  • Chicken (without the skin).
  • Some cuts of beef.
  • Turkey breast.
  • Pork loin
  • Some cuts of lamb.

Also, remember that it is healthier to consume these meats grilled, steamed or grilled.

2.Follow the rule of 3 + 2

The issue of snacks during diets sometimes gets out of control and we overeat. To avoid these imbalances, it is convenient to remember the rule of 3 + 2.

What does it consist of? It’s very simple. The rule of 3 + 2 is to follow the traditional distribution of daily dishes: your breakfast, lunch, dinner and only two snacks.

The portions of the dishes must be complete, do not add more food, or subtract any ingredients. The idea is to eliminate those cravings and for your body to get the nutrients it needs.

On the other hand, eating three meals a day prevents your digestive system from working constantly, keeping it healthy.

3.Eat fruit instead of snacks

Although you think they are small amounts, those snacks add unwanted calories to your diet, since many of those products are sweetened and processed. In this sense, he exchanges unhealthy snacks for fruit. They will provide you with energy, vitamins and keep you hydrated.

4.Eat calmly and at specific times

Due to the accelerated pace of life that we lead, in many occasions we do not take the time necessary to eat our meals.

Eating calmly allows your body to make the most of your diet, as it improves your digestion and amplifies the effects of the nutrients you consume. In turn, sitting down to eat at specific times keeps the metabolism healthy.

So you already know. Put the alarm on your watch, set aside worries and eat in peace. Your body will thank you.

5.Chews food very well

Chewing food properly is another recommendation that you should take very much into account.

The art of slow chewing and pausing food helps your gut work better. In this way, your body can digest correctly and take full advantage of the nutrients and energy you need, in addition to maintaining an ideal weight.

The next time you sit down to eat take small portions to your mouth and chew slowly and steadily to take advantage of these benefits.

6.Drink lots of water

This is another secret that we sometimes forget but that will make you get better results with your diet: drink plenty of water every day.

It is well known that daily consumption of vital fluid is mandatory for our survival. Water represents more than half of our body, transports nutrients to all our organs and nourishes cells. And this is just the beginning. Drinking water helps improve your health because it helps to metabolize fats and satisfies the appetite.

We must drink between 1 to 2 liters of water per day. If you have trouble retaining this habit you can drink at regular intervals instead of taking large amounts when you feel thirsty.


Carrying out a good diet is not easy, but you can do it. Apart from the encouragement you give to your effort, these tips will allow you to cope with the first months and boost the absorption of the nutrients you consume to obtain the best results. Yes you can!

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