Alkaline Diet is a Best Way to Lose Weight with Health!

If we compare the alkaline diet with other diets, we can find many differences. One of the bases of this diet is the division of food into two groups. On the one hand we have acidic foods, such as meat, caffeine, some nuts, pasta, pastries, etc. On the other hand we find alkalizing foods such as carrots, olive oil, lemons, grapes, cabbage, etc. All these foods are highly beneficial and counteract the acidity of the other foods.

Benefits of the Alkaline Diet:

The ratio to alkalize the human body will be 4 parts of alkaline foods per 1 part of acidic foods. This will cause healthy weight loss unlike other diets. It is logical that losing weight worsening our health would not be something that made sense. That is why a balance in our daily diet, following the 80:20 ratio, will give us brilliant results. Following that proportion, the digestive process will be healthier for our body, allowing weight loss and other health benefits.

“This diet will not only be much healthier, it will also make these changes increase our body’s energy levels”.

Whenever we follow this 80:20 ratio, we will achieve weight loss without losing energy. In addition, for us to find ourselves in a healthy situation, we need to be calm, avoiding stress. Consuming pure air is something that will positively affect our health. Finally, an alkaline diet will keep our mind more liberated. With these three actions we will improve the sense of humor and maintain a sense of well-being. With this and the improvement of our health, it will make us find ourselves in an ideal situation. On the other hand, although we can take a part of acidic foods, we must reduce the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, animal fat, sugar, etc. Research has shown that these acidifying foods make our body not healthy if we eat them to a large extent.

Alkaline Foods and Acidic Foods:

Balancing the portions of acidic foods with the intake of alkaline products is necessary to prevent the formation of fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc. It is also known that there are many diseases that occur in acidic bodies, such as weight problems, heart problems, diabetes and even cancer. When we are in a weight reduction program, instead of accepting its norms without asking its validity, we must investigate what foods and disadvantages of the most consumed foods are involved in the diet.

Alkaline Diet to Lose Weight:

Naturally, the human being fattens as a survival method, because the fat that accumulates is not more than a reserve, for when the organism needs it later, however, when overeating what happens is that that reserve fat goes away agglomerating and not consumed, so obesity occurs. The alkaline diet offers more energy, health, improves skin, teeth and helps to rejuvenate our bones and skin and in turn is aimed at maintaining the level of pH and stable alkalinity in the blood, something that the human body tries to itself, but due to the large amount of acidic foods we consume, the body must use components such as calcium or magnesium to lower acidity levels, which means an extra effort from our body that can cause diseases such as osteoporosis, insomnia or even migraines. One way to start a correct and fully balanced diet would be to replace a large amount of acidic foods with others of a more alkaline nature, examples of these replacements would be:

  • Tea for coffee, since tea has greater benefits
  • In the kitchen, substitute wine vinegar with white vinegar.
  • Although calcium is necessary, it will not be sought in cow’s milk, since it has a high level of acidity, it must be replaced by other types of dairy products such as rice milk, almonds or oatmeal.
  • White bread for another type of bread of different elaboration such as whole wheat bread or cereal bread.
  • Since beef, pork and other red meats are highly acidic, they should be replaced by fish, conveniently if it comes from the sea and not from any fish farm.

It is always recommended that you consult with a doctor before making the decision to start a diet since it affects each organism differently, since not all people have the same metabolism and not all can react in the same way , so it is better to think about it quite carefully and investigate, get informed about it. There are foods, such as those that will be mentioned below, that should be avoided at all costs because their level of acidity is high:

  • Red meat
  • Sausages
  • Dairy products
  • All types of white flour and also their derivatives
  • Margarine, and especially butter
  • Avoid as much as possible the consumption of salt of any kind
  • Soft drinks, carbonated drinks such as sodas, soft drinks, this type of drink is totally prohibited
  • Sauces
  • Sweets, the well-known baubles or snacks, from patisseries or packaging.
  • All types of food whose preservation method is packaging

In addition to being an excellent diet that will not only improve the conditions of our body, it has the ability to lose weight about 5 kilograms every two weeks or even less, depending on the person because, as mentioned above, each organism and metabolism is different, so that each person can react to this type of food differently, so that foods that must be replaced or avoided must be gradually integrated or eliminated, so that the person experiences the changes.

Is the Alkaline Diet Effective for Weight Loss?

We know that the alkaline diet is having a lot of popularity. Therefore, we want to know if it is effective when it comes to losing weight. For this we will explain how it works. In order to understand it better, let’s see some elementary chemistry. A liquid substance is classified by means of the PH (Amount of Hydrogen). This scale shows the amount of hydrogen in the liquid sample. The more hydrogen, the more acidic the sample will be. On the other hand, if there is little hydrogen, the solution will be alkaline. The scale with which it is valued is from 0 to 14. For example, a substance such as lemon juice has a 2.4, which means that it is in the acidic part. The drinking water would have a PH of 7, therefore it is neutral. On the other hand, bleach has a record of 12.5 so it is especially alkaline. Knowing the way in which the alkalinity / acidity of the substances is valued, we will talk about the alkaline diet.

Our body is composed of many types of fluids, and it is something that impacts us on pH as well. A common western diet (consisting mainly of meats, dairy products, poultry and extra) is considered as an acidic diet plan. PH of our blood is between 7.35 to 7.45 or little alkaline. The goal of your alkaline diet plan is to maintain this pH stage. They say that when we consume too much acid significantly the foods they produce, which leads to an imbalance of our body’s pH grade. This imbalance also promotes the reduction of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium and tends to make many additional people prone to disease creation. Also, if your body is in a prolonged state of acidity ailments such as cancer, heart disease, obesity and premature aging it may well come. The alkaline diet plan restores the body’s slightly alkaline state and reverses the effects of prolonged acidity. It can be composed mainly of foods considered alkaline foods that, when metabolized, leave absolutely no ash. The ash residue is often composed of necessary minerals, for example calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper.In this diet, all foods and beverages are classified into 3: acid, neutral and alkaline.

The alkaline diet plan encourages the use of probably the most colorful variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes. However, this diet is strongly contrary to the consumption of dairy products, grains and meat, which is why it is effective for losing weight in a healthy way. Meals that are considered alkaline should constitute 75-80% of the diet. These meals contain vegetables, fruits, fats and oils, seeds, nuts and grains and drinks such as herbal teas.

Some Positive Aspects with the Alkaline Diet Plan Include:

  • Better digestion
  • Natural toxin cleaning
  • Less joint discomfort
  • More energy
  • It helps you lose weight

Maintaining the internal harmony of our body with the alkaline diet plan has a lot of benefits. But, it is highly recommended to consult with your doctor before embarking on any new diet – in particular, in case you currently have health problems and take medications.

Alkaline Drinks:

Drinking alkaline drinks helps eliminate toxins and prevents them from arising, promotes digestion, can prevent diseases such as diabetes, Maniere’s syndrome, chronic rheumatic arthritis, among many others. Thanks to the elimination of toxins, it is able to oxygenate certain cells that prevent premature or premature aging, at the same time it promotes the elimination of solid wastes such as uric acid and nephrolites, this allows the calcium trapped in these residues to be released and thus avoid Osteoporosis, likewise, drinking this type of liquids frequently can also help to start the metabolism correctly and, with the correct pH balance in the human body, unnecessary retention of any type of liquids is avoided. Humans, properly own cancer cells in the body, which become normal, this ceases to be so only when they are uncontrolled and begin to reproduce in high amounts to form tumors, which can become malignant or benign. Alkaline drinks are considered healthy drinks for the body because they maintain a correct balance of acidity levels or pH of the human body. The pH (Hydrogen Potential) is the amount of hydrogen ions in a given solution, and is measured with an approximation scale ranging from 0 to 14 points, with an alkaline element being considered at any level above 7 points and below it , an acid.

“Alkaline foods and beverages are what make your body produce an alkaline ash, identifiable in your urine, and that support your body’s processes and promote health,” explains Dr. Robert O. Young, Ph.D. in his book “The Miracle of pH” (The pH Miracle) . In this book you will find all the information about this diet as well as hundreds of recipes for drinks and alkalizing foods.

How to Alkalize Certain Drinks?

There are several methods to achieve alkaline drinks, water, for example, is the liquid that can be alkalized more easily. Using two containers or containers, where one will be filled with water, and from a prudent height it will begin to be poured into the empty container, so that certain bubbles are produced, the alkalization process is carried out when this is done about 8 times approximately. It is not one of the most effective methods, however it is feasible. Boiling the water for about five minutes will also increase your alkalinity level, whose pH level can be 7.2 and then you can increase your pH level to 8.4. It is indifferent if the water is drunk while hot or cold, since its pH level will not be altered. Mixing the water with sodium bicarbonate is also another way to alkalize the water since it is a fundamental substance for the organism since it is found in biological fluids of the body. The properties of sodium bicarbonate are favorable to control the pH levels in the blood, avoiding possible acidosis produced by various types of acids.

Alkaline Diet for Athletes:

The acidity in the body can be negative in any way, as well as the excess of alkalinity in the blood, since for the sports people the mental and physical stress can cause an excess of acidity due to the amount of nutrients and calories lost, what which, little by little, can precede diseases, accumulation of acid, muscle and joint pain even, so that a balanced level of pH in the blood will keep the athlete healthy. There is a wide variety of products such as energy drinks, soft drinks or soft drinks, or simply the intake of foods such as coffee, tea, milk, and of course, sugar, which can have their positive properties for humans but are considered toxic by the level of acidification they, may have. For athletes, it is important to stay hydrated due to physical wear and tear in most disciplines. Alkaline drinks such as smoothies and green juices are an ideal complement for athletes as they provide a large amount of vitamin C for the body of athletes and this could develop a greater physical performance, they also function as an antioxidant, liver and pancreas stimulant , as well as the stomach, remineralizing, and among other functions, alkalizing. The alkaline diet maintains a balance with respect to the percentages in which the levels of acidity and alkalinity are divided; said balance must be approximately 80% alkaline foods as we have commented previously, which mostly can be raw, boiled foods, grilled or roasted and 20% acidic or non-alkaline foods, such as fish, fruits or honey.

Alkaline foods are mostly of plant origin, although they can also be found in certain species of the animal kingdom that, when cooked to be consumed, have a higher alkalinity level than their acidity, although once the acidity load is digested in itself, it increases. Within this alkaline diet there must be certain parameters that the athlete must meet, and it is that sauces should be avoided at all costs, since these are highly acidifying for the body, like refined sugars, it is recommended not to sweeten the Drinks both for the level of acid and for its caloric content, as well as butter, yogurts, cream and milk, it is preferable that they be replaced with foods based on olive oil, soy or tofu. Various suggestions are added to this diet that, because of being for athletes or people who perform some type of sport, would fit perfectly:

  • Take “green juices” or shakes before the practice of sport, as this concentration or juice will provide an additional increase in energy in addition to strengthening the immune system, and also the contribution of fiber needed by the body.
  • Eating or eating nuts during and after exercise, this helps you gain extra energy thanks to the amount of fats and minerals that this type of food has.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption, since it does not provide any kind of good calories for the body, being also a substance with a fairly high level of acidity, it is recommended not to drink alcohol because it only offers empty calories.


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