What are the Benefits of Following the Anti-Stress Diet?

If we want to lose weight in a balanced way and without recovering it a posteriori we should include in our day to day whole foods that keep us satiated and that avoid us chopping between hours. Sometimes, our daily obligations, our problems and concerns, cause us to end up changing our diet. This, plus the accumulation of toxins derived from stress, causes our health to begin to suffer. We offer the necessary guidelines for you to benefit from the so-called anti-stress diet, essential to purify your body and regain balance. Habitually, stress, generates serious reactions in our body that we must take into account: coronary problems, weight changes, low self-esteem, fatigue, weakness … In case you are currently living this situation, it would be essential that you start to introduce in your life the tips that we are going to show you. With it, you will also manage to regulate your weight.

Tips to Carry out the Anti-Stress Diet

1. Think About what is Important

When you are living a situation of these characteristics, you must first look for yourself and your health. It is clear that we all have obligations to fulfill, both work and family. But we must also know how to listen to ourselves. If you arrive home exhausted, never eat the first thing you see in the fridge, or eat to satisfy your anxiety. Sometimes we turn to sweets, to industrial foods to find immediate pleasure. It’s a mistake. Think about what is important, and without a doubt, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is essential.

2. A Varied Diet and with the Essential Components

If you think that you are gaining a lot of weight and if you are one of those people to whom stress causes you to take kilos, think that the fundamental thing is your health first. Never resort to miracle diets, diets that force us to eat very little a day or a type of exclusive food for a week. They are very dangerous diets. The most important thing is to have a varied nutrition, where the following elements should always be included:

  • Vitamin A, present in tomatoes, spinach and carrots.
  • Vitamin E, which is in nuts, vegetable oils, avocados … basic to fight free radicals. Vitamin C is also decisive in cases of stress, as it counteracts it. So it includes orange juice or lemon juice.
  • Magnesium, on the other hand, is basic to take care of our immune system in these cases of anxiety and stress.

3. Control the most Dangerous Indicators

When we go through states of anxiety and stress, it is essential that every time we pass controls to check our blood pressure, our cholesterol, the glucose level … At the moment that there is a decomposition serious problems will begin to arise that can harm us. We must remember that stress is not an innocuous state, it can bring consequences.

4. Energy and Relaxation

Cereals, pasta or brown rice are foods that provide us with energy. And, in addition, they are slow burning. This means that they leave us sated for longer. The sweet or industrial food are quick combustion, enhance stress and leave us in turn a satisfaction that lasts very little and, what is worse, we are more anxious. In addition to energy, we must also have means with which to get relief and rest.

“The infusions are an excellent option that you cannot miss”.

The chamomile, lemon balm or valerianason spot when we go through these states.

Examples of Anti-stress Diet


  • Juice of natural orange juice and a toast with honey
  • Natural skimmed yogurt with five strawberries
  • Green tea with two nuts and a plum
  • One apple and one whole-grain toast with olive oil
  • A cup of oats and a kiwi


  • Spinach salad with two nuts and pineapple pieces- Baked eggplant
  • Salad of watercress, lettuce and half avocado – Baked sea bass
  • Whole rice with watercress and tuna – Tomato salad


  • Apple juice
  • A glass of soy or oatmeal
  • A toast with olive oil
  • Chamomile infusion
  • A pear in pieces with a little lemon juice


  • Carrot soup- A boiled beet with a little bit of salt- Tostada with olive oil- Melissa infusion
  • Boiled broccoli with baked brisket braised with lemon- Chamomile tea
  • Pumpkin soup, a baked pepper with garlic cloves- Linden tea and mint
  • Boiled artichokes with a little lemon and vinegar – Half beet juice with a carrot – Melissa infusion

We have already seen how eating can also affect the suffering of stress. Hence, certain foods help you cope better with especially stressful situations. Try this diet for a week and check its effects.


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