The 10 Best Natural Ways To Improve Your Memory

It is very common that in more than one moment of your life you have experienced a loss of memory, what we know by the name of “forgetfulness”. These kinds of situations are repetitive when you have a lot of things to do and we are so focused on trying to remember as many things as possible that we end up remembering almost nothing.

Even though this is a completely normal event, having a short memory can be very frustrating. Genetics plays a very important role in this due to the existence of hereditary diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other hereditary neurodegenerative pathologies. However, we can work on improving our memory through the food we eat and improving our lifestyle.

If you are interested in knowing how to improve your memory, here are 10 natural ways to improve your memory.

10 natural ways to improve your memory

1.Reduce your food intake with added sugar

Many of the products manufactured industrially, although not explicitly mentioned, contain various forms of sugar that are used during their manufacture. We can see it when reading in certain products things like glucose, fructose or sucrose, among other types of sugars.

Completely eliminating sugar from our diet is practically impossible; however, its excess consumption has been linked in numerous studies with many chronic diseases, including neurological degeneration.

Consuming sugar moderately is not harmful, but it is harmful. Therefore, the most ideal thing to ensure a healthy meal and low in sugars is to use natural products and eat home-made food.

2.Increase your fish intake

Fish fat is rich in omega-3 and other fatty acids that are fundamental to overall health.

Many studies show that consuming fish or supplements made from the fat of this animal improve our memory, especially when we have reached a certain age. In addition, consuming fish regularly decreases the risk of heart disease, reduces inflammation and slows down neurological degeneration.

3.Maintain a healthy weight

Maintaining an ideal weight is essential to have a healthy lifestyle and is one of the best ways to bring your mind and body to the best condition.

Obesity can lead to insulin resistance and generalized inflammation, two diseases that have a negative impact on the brain. Therefore, overweight is considered a risk factor for many neuronal diseases and it is recommended that you attend a nutritionist doctor to find out what your ideal weight is according to your body.

4.Get enough sleep

Having stable sleep and wake cycles within the recommended standards is a great way to take care of our memory. While we sleep, our brain processes all the information we have obtained during the day and allows our short-term memory to become a long-term memory.

On the other hand, sleeping too little can affect your memory, since you are not giving your brain enough time to consolidate the information you have given, therefore, you should sleep a minimum of 8 hours a day and take at least one nap at night. Day of few minutes on a regular basis.

5.Train your concentration

Concentration is a mental state in which you only focus on what you are doing, avoiding being distracted by your emotions or sounds around you.

This technique is used during meditation and, although they are similar things, they are not the same. Meditation is a formal practice while concentration is a mental habit that you can use at any time. Practicing it will allow you to better remember the things you say or do during the day and exercise your brain daily.

6.Drink less alcohol

Drinking alcohol excessively can be a determining risk factor in many brain conditions.  This is because alcohol is a neurotoxic substance that decreases the functioning of the nervous system and therefore, your memory.

Consuming large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis can cause significant damage to the hippocampus, which is a part of the brain that has a fundamental role in long-term memory and the ability to solve problems.

The consumption of alcohol is permissible, as long as you avoid excessive consumption.

7.Take care of your vitamin D levels

The vitamin D is an essential nutrient for our body that helps regulate the functioning of many systems, including nervous.

The vitamin D deficiency is a very common condition, especially in places with very cold or cloudy weather. It has been studied that the lack of this vitamin is related to the development of certain diseases such as dementia and neurological degeneration associated with age.

8.Maintain a routine of physical exercise

A large number of studies show that exercising regularly increases the secretion of neuroprotective proteins and improves neuronal development.

This fact occurs mainly because exercise improves our circulation, which helps us maintain adequate oxygenation in our brain.

Benefits for the memory of exercising daily

9.Improve your antioxidant intake

Antioxidants are a group of compounds that help delay the natural degradation of our cells and we can find them in a wide variety of easily accessible foods, such as some fruits, vegetables and tea.

Having a diet rich in antioxidants will help you improve the health of your nervous system. As an extra, many foods with high antioxidant content also have anti-inflammatory properties, so they are ideal to help you prevent many diseases.

Contribute food with antioxidants to improve your memory

10.Add cocoa to your diet

Cocoa is a food that not only makes our meals more delicious, but also very nutritious and beneficial for our body.

Cocoa contains a specific type of antioxidant known as flavonoid. This type of antioxidant participates in the growth of blood vessels and neurons in areas of your brain linked to memory.Benefits of cocoa for memory


Improving memory may seem impossible; however, it is not. Changing certain things in our lifestyle and improving our diet we can achieve a better memory and better remember those important things we need in our daily lives.

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