The 7 Worst Foods You Can Eat When You’re Stressed

Have you ever eaten an ice cream can because of feeling overwhelmed or tired? From the delivery of a project with a period of time at work until not enough sleep, there are many situations that can result in binge eating induced by stress.

It is difficult to deal with the situation and eat well when you are stressed, so we look for a moment of relief with something that is appetizing, such as foods high in sugar, salt, fat and refined carbohydrates.

Some foods can make your stress worse, so in times of stress you should look for healthy food and activities to try to reduce it.

Foods that you should not eat during times of stress


Taking one or two cosmopolitans can take away your stress after an overwhelming day, but they can be a double-edged sword. Going for drinks can dehydrate you and decrease your inhibitions, two things that can lead you to overeating.

Drinking alcohol to reduce stress has been linked to an increased risk of alcohol abuse . This applies to all types of alcoholic beverages.

In this way, alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation, no more than one drink a day for women and no more than two drinks for men. Alcohol leads to overeating

2.Energy bars with guarana

Although they are advertised as a more natural way to obtain energy than energy drinks, guarana is a stealthy way of including caffeine in these bars, and it has been shown that caffeine makes anxiety worse.

The side effects of ingesting guarana are nervousness, insomnia and tachycardia, so it is better to keep it away when we look for peace and tranquility.Eating guarana can make your stress worse

3.Soft drinks

Although diet sodas seem like good alternative to regular soft drinks, this may not be true. Many people drink diet sodas when they are tired and need something calorie-free to give them energy.

A moment of stress is the worst time to take a diet soda. When we are stressed, the risk of glucose intolerance increases, and the natural sweeteners that contain the diet soda induce intolerance to glucose, giving a double blow to your health.


Whether it is instant or freshly made, ramen is an attack of salt and refined carbohydrates to our bodies.

It may taste good at the moment, but eventually it makes us feel fatigued, very full and with stomach pain. And we will agree that feeling tired when you are stressed is not fun.Ramen makes you feel tired

5.Ice cream

An ice cream to pass the pain never sounds like a bad idea, but if we eat ice cream every time we stress we not only run the risk of worsening the stress, but also, over time, we can develop type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. Ice cream makes stress worse


When you have a lot of things to do, you may think that taking one (or five) cups of coffee is a good way to get ahead, but it really is only a good way to fill with anxiety.

The link between coffee and anxiety is so strong that the American Psychological Association has coined the term anxiety related to caffeine

7.French fries

The fries increase oxidative stress and make the body hard for you to recover when you are in a state of stress.

Under normal conditions, the body gets rid of the products of inflammation, so adding chips to increase it can be highly damaging.French fries increase inflammation


In times of stress it is very common to seek comfort in foods high in sugar and drinks with caffeine, without knowing that this is making stress worse and deteriorating our health.

Our best option to combat stress is to choose healthy foods and drink plenty of water.

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