The Impressive Health Benefits of Chlorella Dietary Supplements?

Taking seaweed in the form of a supplement is not common, but it is interesting, since they consist of plant compounds that do not come from the land, but from the sea, specifically from seaweeds, many of which have a great variety of very fresh compounds. And unique in them.

For example, chlorella is an alga commonly used as a supplement for the purpose of improving overall health. It is one of the most popular seaweed supplements along with spirulina.

Some say it can improve immunity, intestinal health and eliminate toxins from the body. Others simply see it as something green that people buy. So, what is behind this supplement?

Discover the definitive guide to chlorella, especially why people take it and whether it is safe or not for health.

Guide to chlorella supplements

1.Why are people supplemented with chlorella?

Chlorella is undoubtedly the prototype of the green supplement. With this, it is referred to that people get attention because it is labeled healthy.

Most of the arguments for chlorella focus on its nutrient content. Although it is very variable depending on the growth conditions of the plant, in general it tends to be quite high in proteins, minerals such as magnesium and chlorophyll.

Despite its high content of protein and magnesium, people also supplement with chlorella in order to increase immunity, detoxify the body, help the liver, lose weight and, in general, improve health.

2.What are the benefits of chlorella?

2.1 Detoxify

Chlorella is commonly known to be a detoxifying agent, and is found in shakes and supplements within the diet detoxification programs.

As a general rule, it is known that chlorella binds to minerals. There are many studies in animals that show benefits such as a lower accumulation of heavy metals or a greater elimination of them from the body.

Chlorella can also eliminate dioxins that, at least once, have been reproduced in women who are breastfeeding. It also seems to be good for eliminating fat-soluble toxins. However, the human evidence of the effectiveness of chlorella is limited, but it shows its ability to eliminate some carcinogens from the body.

Ultimately, chlorella is a convenient and relatively dense source of chlorophyll, and it can have a chelating role for many toxins, eliminating them from the body.

2.2 Supports the immune system

The effects of chlorella on immunity have repeated studies showing similar benefits. Specifically, immunoglobulin A (IgA) has been studied; a mediator of the immune system that can be measured in saliva and is thought to reflect the body’s ability to fight infections. As a general rule, more IgA involves having an immune function.

In this way, chlorella seems to be promising to improve the immune system, but it does not seem to be too powerful.

2.3 Help in losing weight

There is a study in which the percentage of body fat was measured, and showed that a slight reduction in body fat was associated with chlorella. However, the study was limited to comparing a group of high-risk youth versus low-risk youth who took the supplement, and not how it worked when compared to a placebo. Therefore, there is no study that links chlorella to weight loss.

2.4 Combat depression

The antidepressant effects deserve to be mentioned, because there is at least one pilot study showing advantages associated with chlorella.

In this study, 1800 milligrams daily of chlorella reduced the symptoms of depressive disorder compared to a placebo. However, it should be noted that the why and how chlorella acts was not developed.

Technically, this kind of supplement has some tests to reduce depression. And it is possible that this effect is applied to any antioxidant, but more evidence is needed to confirm this effect.

3.What is the recommended dose of chlorella?

Human studies on chlorella are quite preliminary at this time and there does not seem to be the best dosage. However, around 1800 mg has been the dose used successfully.

4.What results can be expected when taking chlorella?

It is not clear if you can really expect benefits with chlorella, at least in the short term. And it does not seem to have any important acute benefit that is remarkable.

In the long term, you can feel better mood and better digestion. But ultimately, that is something that happens when you have healthy habits, and there are many ways to do it.

5.Does chlorella have side effects?

According to human evidence, it does not seem to have any side effects. The gastrointestinal effects, such as nausea, cramps and diarrhea, are totally possible if not digested well.

6.What is the best form of chlorella?

The best form is one that openly shows on its label the components that make up a good chlorella.

Estimates of what really exists vary so much from one source to another, that it is almost impossible to determine their actual composition. The idea is to prefer the species of chlorella used in studies such as chlorella vulgaris. Also chlorella pyrenoidosa , used with similar success. Other species have not been tested.

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