Top 5 nutritional strategies to not gain weight in autumn and winter

There are certain months of the year in which our body is less active, as the holidays begin and you have more time to enjoy with your family and friends, leaving this way aside, the daily routines of exercise or good nutrition.

This happens generally in the months of autumn and winter, in which free time is presented, accompanied by social or family gatherings, where you can spend and forget about the appropriate portions that you should eat.

Take a look at these 5 strategies to not gain weight in autumn and winter, while enjoying the maximum of the typical celebrations of these dates with your loved ones.

How not to gain weight in autumn and winter

1.Take more homemade smoothies

A protein shake to balance blood sugar levels feel great before arriving at a social event, because generally you will go to eat and enjoy the snacks they provide; However, having taken enough protein your hunger will be less.

Therefore, prepare a delicious shake with protein of vegetable origin , frozen berries, kale (you will not feel its flavor, but it will provide good benefits to the body), chia seeds and coconut milk or almonds without sugar. Your body will thank you, especially later.

2.Choose healthy options

It is not necessary to feel deprived of eating what you want while watching as a friend swallows a gigantic chocolate tablet: you can eat the same thing only in an intelligent and healthy way.

For example, you can make a delicious cup of hot chocolate by heating coconut milk without sugar and adding chocolate-based protein powder. You can also take a plate of raw almonds instead of sweets, because eating them will not only help you reduce anxiety, but you will substitute sweets for something healthy.

3.Include more fiber in your diet

Although in this season there are sweets and junk food everywhere, you can choose to include fiber, because you will need to eat it if you want to avoid gaining weight at all costs.

The fiber decreases the emptying of the stomach and the hormone of hunger, balances the blood sugar and reduces cravings, achieving in this way, stop eating everything that will cause a few extra kilos in our body.

The fiber – rich foods include berries (especially raspberries), leafy greens, nuts and seeds, among others.

4.Know what foods are higher in calories

When we see those pieces of cake, cream punch and Christmas delicacies, it is inevitable that we do not make our mouth water and forget completely our goal. However, we do not realize everything that eating these foods brings with it. For example, a pumpkin pie contains about 310 calories per slice and that only before the whipped cream.

Therefore, before you eat this much-cherished food, check the immense amount of calories that can provide a small portion of what you want and that, at the same time; you will eat it in a heartbeat. When you see it, you will surely reconsider eating it, because in the end it will not be worth much.

5.Think about the future

It is true when it is said that being prepared for certain future circumstances can bring great advantages. This applies to these times when you arrive home exhausted from work or university, and you only want to eat what you have in front, and without the courage to prepare a healthy meal.

However, you can create plans that include making meals, keeping them in the fridge and when you need it, just reheating it, and that’s it. A bit of precooked chicken and raw vegetables chopped in the fridge turns out to be an example of a perfect, delicious and nutritious option.

If the day comes when you have a social event, eat something beforehand so as not to get hungry for it. A little preparation prevents future regrets.


The months of autumn and winter are not synonymous with weight gain, you just have to follow certain steps to avoid it.

Remember that, despite the decrease in temperatures, your body is still working and you need to take care of it in the same way that you have done all the rest of the year, although you do not show it so regularly.

Just measure your portions, include foods rich in nutrients in your diet and be prepared for all kinds of situations, because this will serve you a lot if you want to maintain your ideal weight that has worked so hard to achieve.

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