What are the Tricks to Make Diets To Lose Fat Quickly?

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You are starting once again diets to lose fat and go … Has not the last diet worked for you, nor the previous one? It is that most of the time people are not ready to lose weight.   They try one and a thousand diets without concrete results, and the only result is the discouragement and discredit of the diet. Is it your case? In this note we are going to analyze how our brain behaves before the diet and some tricks so that the diets to lose fat really work for you.

Eat Less, Key Diets to Lose Fat

One of the pillars of diets to lose fat is to eat less.  Very simple: if you eat less you lose weight. I’m already listening to you: “If it were so easy!” It’s true. But … why is it not easy to eat less? To begin, it is necessary to train the brain to stop claiming food when in reality the body is already satisfied. One of our habits is to eat until the plate is empty. An investigation on soup consumption compared a control group with another whose soup dishes were imperceptibly filled as they were emptied. The participants in this group ate 73% more soup than the control group but did not think they had eaten more.

On the other hand, one of the problems of eating less is that people who are making diets to lose fat seem to suffer from continuous attacks of hunger. For the fact of eating less and being on a diet … sometimes they even dream of food! Actually, our body is designed to eat as much as possible when there is an abundance of food. It is an ancestral reflection. And although we no longer live in caverns and food is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our brain continues to react just like our most remote ancestors to the sight and smell of food: it increases saliva, muscles Stomachs relax and the pancreas secretes insulin, decreasing blood sugar levels.  This was revealed by a study by the Energy Metabolism Laboratory of Tufts University, in the United States. 

Strategies to Eat Less

Honestly, from this point of view, eating less is not as simple as it seems … To educate your brain and make it obey the slogan of eating less try these tricks:

Use a bowl, bowl or container for your meals whose content is the equivalent of a rather small individual portion and use it for all your meals, desserts and snacks. One study showed that using different bowl sizes, nutrition experts ate 31% more ice cream than other participants who used smaller bowl sizes without realizing that they were eating more than the control group.

Control the combination of what, how and how much you eat food. It does not make much sense to count the calories if your body will continue to claim food; Start by counting grams. For example, if you weigh around 72 Kg., Start by limiting daily calories to 1200. Up to 90 Kg., Consume 1600 calories per day; more than 90 Kg., limited to 1800 calories per day. Distribute the calories throughout the day, for example: three meals of 300 to 400 calories and two snacks of 100 to 200 calories.

“If you lose between 2.5 and 3 Kg., Add 200 calories a day so that your body does not feel hungry”.

Integrate to your diet foods low in fat and high in fibers and proteins, for example:

  • Cereals with a high fiber content
  • White fish.
  • Chicken without skin.
  • Legumes such as chickpeas.
  • Low fat yogurt.

Clean your pantry from harmful foods. Your mind seems to tell you: “if it is there, you will eat it”. Try to remove all the food you should not eat from your cupboard and replace it with fresh fruit and vegetables that really calm hunger, like raw carrots.

Adhesion to foods with high fat, sugar and salt content: these foods act as a drug on our brain activating reward pathways. You must change this habit, creating new brain circuits that make those foods unattractive. For example, creating healthy versions of your favorite foods. Do you like salty peanuts? Its effect on diets to lose fat is simply catastrophic. Replace them with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or soybeans boiled and roasted in the oven. Your brain will perceive a familiar taste and your body will receive less fat and added salt.

Limit your options: try not to eat away from home, and at home have only the necessary food to be well fed without excess. If you miss the quantity and variety … fill your refrigerator with vegetables, fruits and vegetables. A wide variety of unhealthy and high-fat foods stimulating eyesight and smell delay the feeling of fullness driving you to eat more.

You’re Reward for Achieving Greater Adherence to Diets to Lose Fat: Now that you know how your brain works and what the pitfalls are to you as long as you eat all the available foods, it will be easier for you to limit your calories and restrict your diet only to the quantity and quality of foods that will help you lose grease. But … this can be quite exhausting as time goes by. Also, your achievements deserve a prize, do not you think? In reality, deprivation is not a good stimulus to achieve adherence to diets to lose fat.

We recommend you leave some space in your diet plan for an occasional slip: a piece of chocolate, a sponge cake. You can even allocate 100 calories a day to your favorite food sandwiched between low-calorie foods. For example, if what you really want is a chocolate cookie, do not eliminate it from the diet; combine it with half a cup of fresh fruit and a cup of tea.


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