What Is The Sonoma Diet?

How many times have you made the decision to make a diet, and have you left halfway? Distributed throughout the network there are hundreds of examples that promise magical results in illusory periods of time, constructed at random and under conditions that take our body to its limit.

Thanks to this type of diets, the credibility has been lost: we have the idea that an effective diet implies abstaining from everything, when it is the opposite. It is not about not eating anything, but eating the right foods. A good example of this is, without a doubt, the Sonoma diet.

What is the Sonoma diet?

It was created by Connie Guttersen, a professional dietitian recognized internationally and registered in the Culinary Institute of America, as a derivative of the Mediterranean diet. The Sonoma Diet promises concrete results, from a smaller waist and defined from 10 days, to the breakdown of sugar addiction by satisfying cravings with healthy and equally delicious foods.

What can you eat with the Sonoma diet?

The good thing about this diet is that it has an immense variety of flavors contained in the so-called “powerful foods ” , which are rich in nutrients and other components that the body needs for maximum performance, such as almonds , broccoli, grapes, peppers, strawberries, spinach , whole grains and many more. The wide variety of ingredients can be combined to never get bored with meals.

The Sonoma Diet is quite dynamic since it is divided into three waves. These waves are the periods of time, each one with its respective characteristics and duration, which will define which is the nutritional plan to follow:

What are the 3 waves of the Sonoma diet?

  • The first wave is commonly a strong impact for those who come from having a bad diet. However, by the very fact of being an extreme leap, it gives quick evidence of its results. This first phase is a kind of detoxification. It lasts 10 days and is designed to promote weight loss quickly. It is the most dramatic phase of the diet: the time to throw away all processed foods and some fatty foods, such as potato chips, butter and bacon. Other foods banned in this wave include elements that contain natural sugars, such as wine, fruit, juice, and some vegetables. By cons, foods such as lean meat, eggs, asparagus, soba noodles, olive oil, nuts, and spices are allowed.
  • In the second wave the regularization process takes place, in which a little fruit, more vegetables, and sugar-free sweets and up to 150 ml of wine per day are added to the food plan. This lasts until the ideal weight is reached.
  • In the third wave, the Sonoma Diet becomes a lifestyle. It is time to indulge in various fruits and even high-fat sweets as circumstantial tastes, but still limit packaged foods and hydrogenated fats.

What is the level of difficulty of the Sonoma diet?

It may be that the first wave is quite demanding, because the fact of throwing all that food at once is an emotional and psychological shock, but the second and third are more easily traversed. The gradual change seeks to generate a change in lifestyle, and not just be a momentary solution.

When buying, it is a good idea to stay away from temptations, such as packaged meals or group outings to restaurants during the first and second waves. Fill your pantry with trans fat-free products, and it will be much easier to cook your meals. You should also get a recipe book that contains simple and delicious options for each wave of the program.

Who can follow this diet?

If you are one of the people who like to consume fruits, vegetables and healthy food in general, it is the right diet for you. Anyway, there are different recommendations for each lifestyle:

Vegans and vegetarians: consume sources of protein outside meat. Soy and eggs are a good option, as long as they are free of saturated fats or additional carbohydrates.

Low fat diet: during the first wave, hydrogenated fats are prohibited; sugars and carbohydrates are limited along all the waves.

Gluten-free: this diet does not take gluten sensitivity into account, but it may work because of its interest in fruits and vegetables. Just make sure you read the labels on your food to make sure they are gluten-free.

Is the Sonoma diet effective?

Dr. Melinda Ratini, recognized nationally and internationally for her studies in the field of medicine and nutrition, answered two of the questions that most people have about the Sonoma Diet.

Is the Sonoma Diet scientifically proven?

  1. Does it work?

This is the first question anyone asks when starting a diet: will it work? Will my effort pay off? Dr. Ratini is sincere about it: there is no way to have a magical weight reduction in the first wave of the diet, and this is due to the abrupt reduction of calories.

In addition, there are no specific studies about the list of powerful foods, which include particular fruits and vegetables such as nuts, whole grains and olive oil. However, there are studies that recommend the Mediterranean Diet, which is the basis of the Sonoma Diet, as an alternative to improve health, nourish the body and add years of life to the people who follow it.

  1. is it good for certain physical conditions?

The Sonoma Diet has proven to be a healthy alternative to decrease the risks of cancer, Parkinson’s and even Alzheimer’s. For those who suffer from overweight, it is a first step to stay away from diabetes and heart problems.

However, it is important to know that if you are diabetic, you must be very careful and consult your doctor before making changes in your diet plan, since doing it without adjusting your medical treatment is extremely dangerous.


It may require some willpower to withstand the first wave and that is not exactly a magical method to lose weight in 10 days, but it is certainly a healthy alternative for anyone looking for not just a diet, but a real change in his life style.

In addition, once the first and toughest stage is overcome, the plan softens a little and is more permissive with the flavors and sugars, progressively taking the person to the weight he wants to be.

Finally, beyond the specific indications of the Sonoma Diet, it is necessary to do some type of physical activity that complements the diet in order to maximize the results.

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